SBCC One Days Sides 5th & 6th XI 1/11 - 7th XI BYE !!

The sides are in for the one day games and the 7th XI are having a bye, so only the 2 sides this week. Good luck to all sides. Reminder that no meals Read more

Round 4 sides versus Newtown 25/10 & 1/11

The sides are in for our first 2 day game for the season in the Top 4 grades. We have had significant changes in the majority of the sides with some significant Read more

Round 3 sides versus Geelong West plus the 5th/6th/7th XI take the field !!

Finally all the sides get onto the park for their first game, not to mention me getting onto the park for the first time also !! After last weekend’s Read more

Round 2 Sides versus Grovedale

The sides are in for this week with a couple of new inclusions and minor adjustments to the sides. After some successful results last weekend against Read more

SBCC Round 1 Sides

The sides are in for the first round of the season and it is good to see a blend of both old and new players which is exciting for the club. A particular Read more

Division 1 1sts 4
Newtown & Chilwell
82 and 4/78
South Barwon
Newtown No.1. Stinton Oval 
Under 17 Just 3
South Barwon
Grovedale Bakker
South Barwon No 5 
Division 1 2nds 4
South Barwon
Newtown & Chilwell
S.B. No.1 South Barwon Reserve No.2. 
Division 1 3rds 4
Newtown & Chilwell
South Barwon
Newtown No.2. Shaw Oval 
Division 1 4ths 4
South Barwon
Newtown & Chilwell
S.B. No.2. South Barwon Reserve No 5 
1 Jai T Schmidt145Division 1 4ths3
2 Damian Koliba105GCA Fifth XI1
3 Matt Kennedy82Division 1 1sts1
4 Bradley Hauenstein77Division 1 1sts3
5 Bradley Hauenstein75Division 1 1sts1
6 Bradley Hauenstein73Division 1 1sts2
7 Joel A Davies69Division 1 1sts2
8 James Lagoudakis67Division 1 4ths3
9 Clinton J Peake65Division 1 1sts3
10 Adam Zampatti63Division 1 3rds2
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